Commercial, Office Window Tinting

Make the most of cutting-edge residential and commercial window film UV/IR filtering technology with Llumar Window Films. BRO SAN DIEGO offers installation services for flat pane window films in both homes and offices located in San Diego, CA.

Your office space requires window film for a multitude of benefits that cannot be overlooked. Commercial window tinting substantially reduces interior heat, allowing you to open curtains without concern for excess warmth. Additionally, by filtering UV radiation and IR heat, window film protects your furnishings and fixtures. With flat pane glass window tinting, your furniture is shielded from fading and aging caused by sunlight exposure.
Leather couches retain their softness, while wood floors maintain a healthy appearance. By reducing the workload on your cooling system, commercial window tinting saves you money on energy bills and system maintenance costs.

Frosted Window Film Helps Create Light-Filled, Private Spaces

Reflective Window Film Relieves Overworked Commercial HVACs
LLumar® reflective window film dramatically improves interior comfort, rejecting heat to reduce loads on HVAC systems and keep tenants comfortable. It also has a modern style and gives buildings a uniform exterior look. Reflective film is our most popular commercial choice, and we offer it in a range of silver, gold, bronze, blue and gray shades to ensure that your film choice complements your building’s exterior.
The powerful technology of this film helps keep away heat, glare and fading UV rays. It is visibly reflective, like a mirror. This gives it the ability to hide clutter or valuable equipment from street view during the day.
Many people wonder if reflective window film will hide what’s inside both day and night. The short answer is no. When indoor lights are on after dark, you can see in. This is because the mirrored side of reflective film changes, depending on which side has brighter light. For 24-hour privacy, consider a frosted decorative film or consult with a LLumar dealer in your area.

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