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  • The Tesla Cybertruck features privacy glass on the rear windows and clear glass on the front windows. However, it's important to note that there is no discernible difference in heat rejection between the two types of glass.
  • When considering window tinting for your Cybertruck or any vehicle, it's essential to take into account factors such as infrared rays, visible light, and UV rays.
  • Our Llumar CTX Ceramic Tint sets a new standard for Tesla Cybertruck. Utilizing advanced nano-ceramic technology, it effectively blocks up to 89% of all Infrared Radiation, commonly known as the heat you can feel. With options ranging from 5% to 80% VLT (Visible Light Transmission), you have the flexibility to fully customize your vehicle's tint level to your preference.
The Tesla Cybertruck stands out as a truly unique vehicle, unlike anything we've ever seen before, except perhaps in movies. In our quest to uncover any idiosyncrasies about the vehicle or potential variations in the tint installation process, we turned to our Elite Dealer in Costa Mesa – Joab Flores, owner of Platinum Plus Detailing – to gather further insights

Here’s an interview with Shop Owner George Kidze About His Experience with the Tesla Cybertruck:

Hey George, where are you located, tell us about your shop.
We're based in San Diego, CA, and we've been in business since 2021. As a Llumar Dealer in San Diego, we specialize in window tinting, ceramic coatings, PPF (Paint Protection Film), and vinyl wraps.

The Cybertruck is officially out. What do you think customers will want done to them the most, as time goes on?
Certainly, there will be significant demand for customization of Cybertrucks, particularly given the absence of color options. Customers will likely seek to personalize their Cybertrucks to make them distinct.

What was your first impression of the Cybertruck when you first saw it at your shop?
Upon first seeing the Cybertruck, I was struck by its larger-than-expected size in person. It's probably a bit larger than a Chevy TRX, which was surprising.

Is there something unique about the truck that you noticed while working on it?
One notable observation was the presence of numerous small rust spots on the stainless steel panels, despite my client having just acquired it from Tesla. Additionally, maintaining a fingerprint-free surface proved to be quite challenging and is likely to remain an ongoing concern.

What product did you install on this truck?
We applied 5% Llumar CTX window tint to the sides and back and 70% to the front windhsield Cybertruck. By the way is the biggest windshield in the industry.

The significance of window tinting continues to grow, particularly as interior materials become more delicate and people gain awareness of the benefits of tinting. What type of window tint do you typically recommend to your customers?
I consistently suggest Llumar CTX or Llumar IRX

How will high-quality tint benefit this truck?
Primarily, it will help maintain a cool internal temperature of the truck while also enhancing its range, as the AC won't need to work as hard to regulate the temperature.

Does the Cybertruck's shape affect the installation of tinting products?
Not significantly. The large front windshield may pose some difficulty in handling a film piece of that size.

What do you consider the most vulnerable area of the Cybertruck?
Undoubtedly, it's the stainless steel panels. As mentioned earlier, issues like rust and fingerprints will likely need to be addressed on a Tesla Cybertruck.

If you were a Tesla Cybertruck owner today, what would be the first component you'd protect?
For me, it would always be tint, as driving without it would feel like being in a fishbowl.;)

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